Book I--The Foundation

Book I--The Foundation Book II: The Next Twelve Book III--The Poetic Five Book IV--Major and Minor Prophets One More Year to Remember

Book I--The Foundation

Dan Lukiv

Copyright © 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014 by Dan Lukiv. All rights reserved.

First Edition: serialized in Academic Exchange Extra (USA), 2008, 2009, 2010.

Referenced Edition: LukivPress Online (Canada), 2010, 2014.

Numerous poems in Books I, II, III, IV, and V (these last two are still in progress) have appeared in The Brunswickan, WavesWildflower, The Speaker, The West Speaks Out, Afterthoughts, CHALLENGER international, Alberta Teachers' Association MagazineWordspinners, Meditations, The BuzzWord Is Out, LyricSmiths, Western People, The Journal of Poetry Therapy (USA), You Can't Take It With You (USA), The Green Tricycle (USA), Poetalk (USA), Poet's Market 2002 (USA), Arnazella (USA), Up Dare? (USA), Monday's Poet (USA), Academic Exchange Extra (USA), Poetic License (USA), Poetic Page (USA), You Can't Take It With You (USA), The Poet's Haven (USA), Writing (USA), Current Accounts (England), Redoubt (Australia), Breakfast all Day (France), The Photon Cellar (serialized in The Cariboo Observer [Quesnel, BC], 1994), Communications for the Third Millennium: Part I (Quesnel, BC: Quesnel School District, 1998), The Germans From Dortmund (Vancouver, BC: y press, 1999), The Wise Man (Writers Brew Press, England, 1999), The Wise Man (serialized in Over the Edge [Prince George (UNBC)], 1999/2000), The Ruby of the Universe (serialized in canadian content [Vancouver, BC], 2000/2001), Spuds for Jonathan (Cork, Ireland: The Brobdingnagian Times Press, 2001), Short-Story.Net (UK), A Difference (Improvijazzation Nation, USA, 2001), On Scalding Glass: A Collection (Fullosia Press [New York], 2002), “Dream Trilogy” (Fullosia Press [New York], 2002), Están En Su Casa (Johannesburg, South Africa: ETONSA, 2002), Her Story (Poetry of the People, USA, 2003), Memories [of UBC] (Johannesburg, SA: SchoolNet Africa, 2003), The REM Poems (Johannesburg, SA: SchoolNet Africa, 2003), The REM Poems (Feelings of the Heart, USA, 2004), For the Math Gyze, poems (serialized in Academic Exchange Extra [Greeley, CO], 2004), Life on Mars (serialized in Seeker Magazine, USA, 2005), The Wise Man (Massiilon, OH: The Poets Haven, 2005), Memories [of UBC] (published in An Introductory Creative Writing Program—Monograph Two [Academic Exchange Extra (Greeley, CO), 2009, January]), Two Wet Crows—a collection of haiku and senryu (Academic Exchange Extra [Greeley, CO], 2010, April), "Poems from the Previous Century" (Quesnel, BC: Island Scholastic Online, 2010), For the Math Gyze ([an excerpt of 8 poems] Piece of Mind, Dr. Nassif Ghoussoub’s Blog [Professor of Mathematics, UBC] [Vancouver], 2011 [June 7]), A Little Deer Dead (Quesnel, BC: Island Scholastic Online, 2012), and Están En Su Casa (CHALLENGER international [Quesnel, BC], 2012).

1.0 "In the Beginning" 

2.0 "Now These Are the Names" 

3.0 "And Jehovah Proceeded To" 

4.0 "And Jehovah Proceeded to Speak" 

5.0 "These Are the Words That Moses"